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Information for New Zealand Media

This page provides information on recent press releases, an image database, and web resources related to the use of animals in research, testing or teaching.

Press releases

17 May 2024: A good step-up in Three Rs reporting and other positive trends: 2022 New Zealand Animal Research, Testing and Teaching Statistics

8 March 2024: ANZCCART New Zealand releases second annual report on Openness Agreement for animal research and teaching

13 November 2023: New Study Reveals New Zealanders' Views on Animal Use in Scientific Research and Teaching

21 August 2023: A step forward in openness in animal research and teaching but more progress needed in Three Rs reporting: New Zealand's Animal Research Statistics of 2021

30 March 2023: ANZCCART releases first report on Openness Agreement in Animal Research and Teaching 

30 May 2022: Openness on use of animals in research testing and teaching statistics

27 July 2021: Science organisations pledge openness in animal research and teaching in New Zealand

1 September 2017: New resources highlight innovative ways to replace, reduce and refine the use of animals in research


21 May 2024: Submission to the Science System Advisory Group - First Phase

Pat_Cragg_ANZCCART NZ_Phase1
Download PDF • 201KB

Image database for the use of animals in research, testing or teaching

An image database featuring copyright free images of animals suitable for use in stories on animal use in testing, teaching and research is available through the Understanding Animal Use website (UK based). This website also contains a number of resources on the use of animals in research.



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