Information for New Zealand Media

This page provides information on how the media can contact ANZCCART Board members, an image database, and web resources related to the use of animals in research, testing or teaching.

Press releases

30 May 2022: Openness on use of animals in research testing and teaching statistics

How to Contact ANZCCART (NZ) Board Members for Media Comments

ANZCCART (NZ) board members are generally happy to be contacted for comment. Please contact the ANZCCART (NZ) secretary at the Royal Society of New Zealand and they will forward your request to the appropriate member.

Image database for the use of animals in research, testing or teaching

An image database featuring copyright free images of animals suitable for use in stories on animal use in testing, teaching and research is available through the Understanding Animal Use website (UK based). This website also contains a number of resources on the use of animals in research.