Information for New Zealand Animal Ethics Committee Members

The responsibilities of people serving as Animal Ethics Committee (AEC) members are various and important. The following information has been designed by ANZCCART to assist Animal Ethics Committee members in undertaking their roles in relation to animal ethics applications and animal welfare.

ComPass Animal Welfare Training

This free online course covers the Australian Code and NZ Guide and welfare issues relating to animal use in research and teaching. For the course link and more information.

Resources and recommendations on best practice

The resource bank and recommendations on best practice contains a variety of information and resources around animal welfare and alternatives to using animals. If you would like to add information or resources to this database please contact us.

Information on research study design

Appropriate research study design is an important part of reducing the numbers of animals used in research and testing. We strongly recommend the free interactive course on designing animal experiments provided by Dr Michael Festing. This website may be useful in improving your own understanding of appropriate research design and should be recommended viewing for those seeking animal ethics approval for projects.

Information about induction onto an Animal Ethics Committee

An AEC member induction information package should be provided to you when you join the committee. Produced by the National Animals Ethics Advisory Committee (NAEAC), this pack contains an overview of information relevant to serving on an AEC. If you have any concerns or you have not received your induction information pack please contact NAEAC (

Updates on animal welfare, legislation and alternatives to using animals

Our regular newsletter ANZCCART News contains updates on animal welfare, legislation and alternatives to using animals. As an AEC member you should receive this newsletter (via email). If you have not been receiving a copy of ANZCCART News please contact us.

Annual conferences on animal welfare for research, testing or teaching

ANZCCART holds an annual conference which discusses animal welfare in the context of research, testing or teaching. The conference location varies and usually is held two successive years in Australia followed by one year in New Zealand. For more details please see our conference page.

How to Contact ANZCCART for questions and queries

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact ANZCCART. Our details are listed on our contact page.


Resource links for New Zealand Animal Ethics Committee Members

The following resources are available for New Zealand Animal Ethics Committee Members: