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ANZCCART Conference 2001

Joint ANZCCART/NAEAC Conference on 28-29 June 2001

Held at the Novotel Tainui Hotel, Hamilton, New Zealand

NB: this page was written in advance of the conference

Exploring the relationships between ourselves, animals, and the environment is the theme of the conference jointly organised by the Australian and New Zealand Council for the Care of Animals in Research and Teaching (ANZCCART) and the National Animal Ethics Advisory Committee (NAEAC). Issues to be addressed include the interdependence and interconnectedness of all life, the images of science and scientists, relevant legislation, dealing with new technology, fish research, and what could and should statistics or the popular media tell us.

In understanding these relationships and challenging our beliefs, this conference will help to map the intricate connections between humans, animals, and the environment. It will therefore be valuable to anyone interested in how we learn, communicate, and evolve the relationships between ourselves and the natural world.

This conference will be of special interest to those involved in education, in science in both the public and private sectors, and to those interested in teaching, animal welfare, the environment, ethics, and the communication and regulation of community expectations. The programme will provide both local, Australian, and international perspectives.

ANZCCART aims to provide leadership in developing community consensus on ethical, social, and scientific issues relating to the use of animals in research and teaching. NAEAC provides independent advice to the Minister of Agriculture on policy and practices relating to the use of animals in research, testing and teaching.


Thursday, 28 June

  • 8.15 am Registration

  • 8.45 am Opening

Session 1 Primary and secondary education

Focus: To consider how our interaction with animals and the environment has changed and how we might develop better interactions through education

  • 9.00 am Cam Reid Oration: Learning, animals and the environment — an animal rights perspective Mr Gary Reese, Compassion in World Farming, London; former member of SAFE, Auckland (by videoconference)

  • 9.40 amInfluences on learning Mrs Barbara Benson, Dunedin College of Education

  • 10.20 am Morning tea

  • 10.50 am Consequences of the continuity between the human and biological worlds Professor David Penny, Massey University

  • 11.30 am Science in the classroom Mr Peter Trim, Independent consultant

  • 12 noon Lunch

Session 2 Tertiary education and research and teaching

Focus: To consider the influences which impinge on the acceptability of animal-based research, testing and teaching and how we might acknowledge and incorporate them

  • 1.00 pm Public perception of scientists: Frankenstein and Einstein Professor Frank Griffin, University of Otago

  • 1.40 pm The next generation of scientist Dr Catherine Morrow, AgResearch Ruakura

  • 2.20 pm Alternatives and the future Professor Bruce Baguley, Auckland Cancer Society Research Institute

  • 3.00 pm Afternoon tea

  • 3.30 pm The Animal Welfare Act 1999 – impacts and issues Professor John Marbrook, Deputy Chair NAEAC

  • 4.10 pm Skeletons and sovereigns in the cupboard — learning from history Dr Mark Fisher, AgResearch Poukawa

Friday, 29 June

Session 3 Future challenges

Focus: To consider the challenges that we could use to build an appropriate learning environment for our interaction with animals and nature

  • 8.30 am Moving forward with the media Dr Mark Matfield, Research Defense Society, UK (by videoconference); Dr Kay Weavers, University of Waikato

  • 9.25 am Democratically modified science Ms Ronda Cooper, Office of the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment

  • 10.05 am Morning tea

  • 10.25 am The next Animal Welfare Act Hon Pete Hodgson, Minister of Research, Science and Technology

  • 11.10 am Fish as experimental animals Good for science and fish? Dr John Baldwin, Monash University, Melbourne

  • 11.40 am “Back off man, I’m a scientist” Dr David Scobie, AgResearch Lincoln

  • 12.20 pm Lunch

Session 4 Care and regulation

Focus: To consider how society should move forward in dealing with the regulatory aspects of animals and the environment.

  • 1.00 pm Dealing with the emerged technologies Dr Judy McArthur-Clark, Biozone, UK

  • 1.40 pm Living with the legislation Dr Donald Hannah, ERMA NZ

  • 2.20 pm Care beyond regulation Dr Barbara Nicholas, Christchurch

  • 3.00 pm Close of conference

Conference details


The 2001 ANZCCART conference was held jointly with the National Animal Ethics Advisory Committee (NAEAC). The venue is the Novotel Tainui Hotel, Alma Street, Hamilton — located on the banks of the Waikato River in the Central Business District of Hamilton.

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